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Educational Services

About Us

College Mode offers comprehensive college admissions support, including facilitation of a series of components that walk students through getting to know themselves, then supporting them with their the college search and application preparation including essay guidance and championing them all the way through making that final acceptance decision.Our unique admission strategy empowers students to find their best college fit, reduce stress, and enjoy their last year of high school.

College Mode also counsels younger students to plan out and make the most of their high school career by laying a foundation that will set them up to be successful in their college admissions process. These sessions engage younger students in ways that help them understand themselves better using age-appropriate assessments, reviewing coursework and extracurricular activities so they make thoughtful choices in high school.

Partners Sharon Davis and Lynn Lillian bring unique and effective insights to their counseling as a result of extensive experience in educational leadership, community outreach, and long-range planning. Sharon’s background in business and project management, and Lynn’s background in psychology address both the practical and emotional components of the college-admissions process. Their partnership provides a unique combination of service and support that sets College Mode Consulting apart.

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