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Farm & Farm Market

About Us

Our farm is nestled in the Black Dirt Region at 13 Van Sickle Road in Pine Island & established in 2020. This 54 acre farm was purchased by the Gonzalez Family with the intentions to bring the farm back to life. It also consists of an old rustic barn from early 1900s once used to produce dairy.

The property has been popular for at least 100 years with regards to locals hunting for Native American artifacts as old as 500 BC that includes finds such as pot shards and arrowheads. It also contained an actual Native American campsite, which is why we wanted to embrace that part of history and how we came up with the name Thunderbird Farms. Thunderbird is an ancient North Native American mythology and was a powerful spirit in the form of a bird. By its work, the earth was watered and vegetation grew. Using the mythology of the Thunderbird, we started its work by growing pumpkins, soybeans, Indian and Yellow Corn, squash, zucchini, melons, lavender, and sunflowers. Our Farm Stand and Farm Market will sell these products and country store items when in season.

We also hold events such as our most well known Boo Barn & Haunted Trails. Our LOVE for haunted trails started at our very own home scaring our guests who came to our Halloween parties.

There are just so many magical sites on this property that we would love for you to see! The ambiance of our farm & our rustic barn along with the beautiful nature walks throughout our trails are just breathtaking. Venturing out into the colorful mix of our sunflowers & lavender when in season brings peace & tranquility to all.

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