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Design Installation Maintenance of Living Plant Walls (also known as Greenwalls).

Living plant walls are aesthetically pleasing living pieces of art that just happen to also provide several benefits to health and business. For your health, studies have shown that they can take harmful VOC's out of the air through bio-filtration and provide fresh oxygen in return. Plant walls also reduce stress levels and provide an overall sense of well-being. They can reduce noise levels in a space and also boost creativity. Living plant walls are a capital improvement that will increase the value of your property.
Businesses and offices should consider living plant walls for the above mentioned benefits as well as a few others. Studies show that living plant walls will boost employee productivity levels by as much as 15%. These "selfie walls" can be a great marketing tool that will attract more patrons to your space.


Gallery Image living_wall_bedroom.jpg
Gallery Image living_wall_kitchen_1.jpg
Gallery Image living_wall_cannabis_dispensary_Etain.jpg
Gallery Image living_wall_Edge-Twin-Walls.jpg
Gallery Image living_wall_event_space_INN.jpg
Gallery Image living_wall_hudson_Wellness.jpg
Gallery Image living_wall_hungry_ghost_coffee_shop_set_back.jpg
Gallery Image living_wall_lobby_Edge-single-wall.jpg
Gallery Image living_wall_NuLeaf.png
Gallery Image living_wall_sparrow.jpg
Gallery Image living_wall_stone.jpg
Gallery Image living_wall_waverly_residence.jpg
Gallery Image pool_living_wall_twin_walls.jpg
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Gallery Image tmp_23654_9-23-2023_101517_.jpg
Gallery Image pulmonary_wellness_plant_wall_photo.jpg

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