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About Us

With over 20 years experience in the health and beauty industry, Kim has various talents under belt such as, International Yoga Teacher with yoga alliance, a licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer and experienced Herbalist & Nutritionist as well. She has worked with Lancôme, Clarins, Mercedes and luxury hotel chains, developing and creating new products for the international market.

Growing up in Scotland and her love for nature, Kim’s late grandmother had a huge influence on her and taught her about gardening and herbs. “I believe I’ve received my gifts of healing from my granny, who had the ability to sense things, and was always surrounded by animals. My happiest memory is in the garden with her and devising strange herbal brews.” Kim says.

Kim’s first experiment came to life, when her aunt was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, by using the Cannabis Plant to calm her nervous system and relieve some of her pain. This is a time when information was not readily available about the medicinal benefits of the plant. Her passion for the cannabis plant and it’s many benefits inspired her to create, Shanti Life and design a yoga footwear from hemp “ PADUS” offering a barefoot experience with protection. Kim has produced a Yoga DVD, a Yoga inspired music album and other lifestyle products for the wellness market.

After a long quest of research & learning, Kim succeeded to create a brand that is inspired by her passion for healing people. Woke Botanicals by Shanti Life is plant based using the finest ingredients from around our planet helping both nourish and heal mind body.

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